Did you know?

93% of  all Executive Level Placements come from networking


What if I don't have the right Network?


Let us teach you how to develop it!



How does the career strategy program work?


Are you ready to make a change? Not sure where to start? Not getting traction?   You’re not alone; meaningful change takes time and effort. 
Career Strategy is a three-month program that gives executive job seekers the skills they need to get the results you want.

Whether you’re looking for your dream job or trying to pivot to a new line of work, you’ll build the mindset, skills, systems and confidence to making lasting changes and successfully land work that  brings you fulfillment.

Right Now Employment only offers Career Strategy to a select number of clients at a time, to ensure that each receives the maximum focus and attention. 

Essentially, we will become your coach, your guide, your secret weapon and your insider. Along the way, you will become crystal clear on what steps you will need to take to land the ideal role for you.



Your Right Now Employment Career Strategist Will Make Sure:

  • You are absolutely clear on how to navigate job boards

  • You understand the role your resume plays in your job search

  • Your resume is optimized for impact

  • You know how to maintain your resume between opportunities when to customize and when not to

  • You know how to get executive recruiters excited about working for you

  • You have a process to find the work you want that yields optimal resumes

  • You know what timeframe to back away from jobs that aren’t going anywhere

  • You know how to market yourself to the companies you want to work for whether they have an opening or not

  • You know how to ace a phone screen, and in-person interview

  • You can identify potential pitfalls in your presentation, so you aren’t losing offers

  • How to answer all interview questions confidently, even the ones about pay

  • You know how to follow up on job opportunities without being blacklisted

  • You understand when a decision maker, or recruiter has stopped listening and how to get them back.

  • You know how to standout in a saturated marketplace

  • You have the systems and tools to connect with the right people

  • You confidently present your strengths and value  

  • You get the work you love



How to know if you need a new strategy for your job search? Is this you?

  • I’m just not getting calls back
  • You feel like finding a job used to be way easier back in the day 
  • I missed out on a job I know I was more than qualified for and I am not sure why
  • My current role doesn't fit who I am anymore
  • I’ve been laid off and now I demand some stability
  • I’d love to move into a new role, but I don’t have 6 months to look for something new
  • I'm bored but I don't really know what I want to do in my next role
  • My potential isn't being tapped
  • I worry it's too late to make a change
  • I’ve done so many things in my career I really need like 6 resumes
  • I know I was passed over for a job because I was overqualified
  • I’ve been at one company a long time and people are afraid I can’t adapt to new environments
  • I’ve had some good and bad luck with previous employers, and I am not quite sure how to explain that

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